Veg boxes 

Who gets one?

A couple of years ago I had a standing order for a fruit & veg box and got one delivered every week. I enjoyed the variety but often found I either wasted food before I got the chance to use it or always seemed to have too much of stuff I didn’t necessarily want. I eventually stopped it when my father in law got an allotment. Along with his goodies and things grown in our own garden we didn’t need it.

Last year a new small business opened in Falkirk called Hogan’s Fine Food Company. They offer a home delivery of either a fruit, veg or mixed box for only £10!  You can’t get better value than that. The produce is fresh, local and often organic. Although I am quite happy for them to choose and put a box together for me, it is really easy to send them a Facebook message with what I would like and any special requests. What’s more as it’s not a standing order I only get one when I need one. As I work full time this is perfect for me as it’s ready and waiting in a safe place when I get home and I can easily pay by bank transfer. It forces me to plan my meals, try new veggies and discover new recipes. If you have never tried one before I would recommend you find a supplier close to you and give it a try.

Today’s new veg was pak choi, I’ve never tried it before let alone cooked it. We had a yummy Slimming World friendly, syn free veg stirfry.

Last night I also made syn free veg pakora to go with our home made curry, they went down a storm with a cucumber and mint yoghurt dip.

To make these I boiled 1 sweet potato and mashed it on it’s own. In a big bowl I mixed the mashed potato with a finely sliced onion, frozen peas, coriander, 2 tsp of curry powder, 2 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt and half a beaten egg. I shaped them into patties and cooked for approx 40 mins @ 200C, with frylight sprayed on the baking tray. If the mixture is too soft or runny, add more veg of your choice, use whatever you want.

This weeks meal plan is:

Monday – Veg stirfry

Tuesday – leftovers

Wednesday – Soup of a kind?

Thursday – Macaroni mince

Friday – takeaway

Saturday – Chicken crown roast dinner

Sunday – Steak pie

I hope everyone has a good week, I’m off to read all your meal plans x


Wanted – someone to wire my jaws shut!

At the start of the year I joined Slimming World and in my first week I lost 5lbs. Since then I have only really been playing at it on and off and I really need to get back in to it. The thing is it’s not a hard plan to follow and it has made me change some of my eating habits for the better however my problem is vino, I just can’t say no at the weekend! I’ve got 6 weeks today until I go on holiday and I really need to get my act together…let’s see if it happens!

Here’s a photo of the risotto I made this week and my scallop, black pudding and parsnip purée dish from The Boathouse, it was lush!



I normally get a fruit and veg box delivered every 7-10 days and plan many of my meals around this. At £10 it is great value for money and the produce is amazing, here’s this weeks.


This weeks meal plan is:

Monday – Macaroni Mince
Tuesday – Chicken Kievs
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – Spaghetti bolognaise
Friday – Takeaway
Saturday – Veggie lasagne
Sunday – Slow cooked lamb

The macaroni mince is a pasta bake I got off the side of a tin of soup years ago but it’s really easy to make and the kids love it.

Cook 500g of macaroni for 10 mins, preheat oven to 180 and whilst pasta cooks brown 500g mince with a finely chopped green pepper. Drain pasta and add to a casserole dish along with the mince mixture, 2 tins of Campbell’s condensed soup, a liberal amount of Worcester sauce and a crushed oxo cube. Stir well to mix everything and bake in a lidded dish for approx 30 mins. Grate cheese over with 5 minutes to go and leave uncovered. You could use any veggies you have needing used up but this is the basic recipe. I’ll post a photo next week.

As usual I’ll be linking up with Mrs M’s meal planning Monday. Have a good week everyone x