Veg boxes 

Who gets one?

A couple of years ago I had a standing order for a fruit & veg box and got one delivered every week. I enjoyed the variety but often found I either wasted food before I got the chance to use it or always seemed to have too much of stuff I didn’t necessarily want. I eventually stopped it when my father in law got an allotment. Along with his goodies and things grown in our own garden we didn’t need it.

Last year a new small business opened in Falkirk called Hogan’s Fine Food Company. They offer a home delivery of either a fruit, veg or mixed box for only £10!  You can’t get better value than that. The produce is fresh, local and often organic. Although I am quite happy for them to choose and put a box together for me, it is really easy to send them a Facebook message with what I would like and any special requests. What’s more as it’s not a standing order I only get one when I need one. As I work full time this is perfect for me as it’s ready and waiting in a safe place when I get home and I can easily pay by bank transfer. It forces me to plan my meals, try new veggies and discover new recipes. If you have never tried one before I would recommend you find a supplier close to you and give it a try.

Today’s new veg was pak choi, I’ve never tried it before let alone cooked it. We had a yummy Slimming World friendly, syn free veg stirfry.

Last night I also made syn free veg pakora to go with our home made curry, they went down a storm with a cucumber and mint yoghurt dip.

To make these I boiled 1 sweet potato and mashed it on it’s own. In a big bowl I mixed the mashed potato with a finely sliced onion, frozen peas, coriander, 2 tsp of curry powder, 2 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt and half a beaten egg. I shaped them into patties and cooked for approx 40 mins @ 200C, with frylight sprayed on the baking tray. If the mixture is too soft or runny, add more veg of your choice, use whatever you want.

This weeks meal plan is:

Monday – Veg stirfry

Tuesday – leftovers

Wednesday – Soup of a kind?

Thursday – Macaroni mince

Friday – takeaway

Saturday – Chicken crown roast dinner

Sunday – Steak pie

I hope everyone has a good week, I’m off to read all your meal plans x


I ❤️ Slimming World

I’ve probably told you that before… and no I’m not on commission or a consultant. I’m someone who absolutely loves their food and has found that this way of eating let’s me enjoy all my favourites and adapt recipes with a few wee tweaks here and there without feeling deprived or hungry.

My top swaps for people following SW are:
Oil/butter – fry light
Mashed pots with milk & butter – mashed pots with fromage frais
Coconut milk – natural yoghurt
Cream – fromage frais
Veggies, veggies, veggies

This week i have adapted a couple of my favourite Jamie Oliver recipes so that they are Slimming World friendly. I made the Spinach & Feta omelette based around his filo pie. I used the feta as my Healthy Extra A and the pine nuts as my 2nd Healthy Extra B as I had an SP day.

I also made his mustard chicken recipe and substituted the cream for fromage frais. I synned the wine and the mustard. Filling my plate with extra veg instead of potatoes is a good way to help my weight loss.

I also made a sweet potato, spinach & chickpea curry. I based this loosely on a recipe from the Slimming World website except I doubled the chopped tomatoes and added a few extra veggies lurking in the cupboard. It was totally syn free and tasted great heated for lunch the next day with fat free natural yoghurt stirred through. I find I don’t even miss having rice although I could have it if I wanted to.

Lastly I made roast brisket, the mash was made with fromage frais and the gravy from bisto gravy powder. I synned the Yorkshire puddings and the gravy powder, 5.5 in total.

I hope this has given some of you who are also following the SW plan some ideas and I would love to hear yours.

My plan this week is:
Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – Chilli & prawn linguini
Wednesday – Spag Bol
Thursday – Daddy’s cooking???
Friday – Chicken & Leek pie
Saturday – Baked Salmon & kohlrabi fritters
Sunday – Risotto of some description

I am sharing my meal plan with #mealplanningmonday and Mrs M. Have a good week everyone x