Pancakes & pies

Evening all! A rather late post tonight as I was waiting to get home from work and see what I had in my veg box for inspiration.

This week’s meals have gone mostly to plan. On Tuesday instead of the linguini we made pancakes. The kids opted for sweet ones with maple syrup. I prefer savoury. My favourite filling is a creamy chicken & mushroom mix with grated cheese on top and finished in the oven. Sadly I had neither and showed what I thought was remarkable restraint as I had my weekly weigh in that night!

My daughter had requested a chicken and leek pie this week as it is one of her favourites. I used an old faithful BBC Good Food recipe and adapted it slightly. I used fry light and swapped the bacon for leeks and mushrooms. I used the milk as my HEA and reduced fat puff pastry from Sainsburys, although it was still my syn allowance for the day! It was yummy with lots of veg on the side.

My experiment this week was with kohlrabi. I’ve never tasted it before let alone cooked with it. It was a bit hit and miss to be honest. I decided to make a fritter recipe with them so grated them and mixed with breadcrumbs, seasoning, a green chilli and an egg. I shaped the mixture into patties and decided to do them on the George Foreman. The mixture was too wet, I think this is because I never squeezed the excess moisture out of the grated kohlrabi, it meant they were a bit too sloppy for my liking. The taste was ok, surprisingly sweet and the chilli was defo a kick! I would definitely refine next time and maybe have with a yoghurt dip or dressing. Does anyone have any tried and tested recipes using kohlrabi that they could share?

This week’s plan is:

Monday – Omelettes
Tuesday – leftover risotto
Wednesday – lentil soup
Thursday – Roast lamb
Friday – Veggie lasagne
Saturday – Pork tenderloin & chorizo casserole
Sunday – Chicken crown

I hope you all have a good week, I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s plans. x


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