Pancakes & pies

Evening all! A rather late post tonight as I was waiting to get home from work and see what I had in my veg box for inspiration.

This week’s meals have gone mostly to plan. On Tuesday instead of the linguini we made pancakes. The kids opted for sweet ones with maple syrup. I prefer savoury. My favourite filling is a creamy chicken & mushroom mix with grated cheese on top and finished in the oven. Sadly I had neither and showed what I thought was remarkable restraint as I had my weekly weigh in that night!

My daughter had requested a chicken and leek pie this week as it is one of her favourites. I used an old faithful BBC Good Food recipe and adapted it slightly. I used fry light and swapped the bacon for leeks and mushrooms. I used the milk as my HEA and reduced fat puff pastry from Sainsburys, although it was still my syn allowance for the day! It was yummy with lots of veg on the side.

My experiment this week was with kohlrabi. I’ve never tasted it before let alone cooked with it. It was a bit hit and miss to be honest. I decided to make a fritter recipe with them so grated them and mixed with breadcrumbs, seasoning, a green chilli and an egg. I shaped the mixture into patties and decided to do them on the George Foreman. The mixture was too wet, I think this is because I never squeezed the excess moisture out of the grated kohlrabi, it meant they were a bit too sloppy for my liking. The taste was ok, surprisingly sweet and the chilli was defo a kick! I would definitely refine next time and maybe have with a yoghurt dip or dressing. Does anyone have any tried and tested recipes using kohlrabi that they could share?

This week’s plan is:

Monday – Omelettes
Tuesday – leftover risotto
Wednesday – lentil soup
Thursday – Roast lamb
Friday – Veggie lasagne
Saturday – Pork tenderloin & chorizo casserole
Sunday – Chicken crown

I hope you all have a good week, I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s plans. x


I ❤️ Slimming World

I’ve probably told you that before… and no I’m not on commission or a consultant. I’m someone who absolutely loves their food and has found that this way of eating let’s me enjoy all my favourites and adapt recipes with a few wee tweaks here and there without feeling deprived or hungry.

My top swaps for people following SW are:
Oil/butter – fry light
Mashed pots with milk & butter – mashed pots with fromage frais
Coconut milk – natural yoghurt
Cream – fromage frais
Veggies, veggies, veggies

This week i have adapted a couple of my favourite Jamie Oliver recipes so that they are Slimming World friendly. I made the Spinach & Feta omelette based around his filo pie. I used the feta as my Healthy Extra A and the pine nuts as my 2nd Healthy Extra B as I had an SP day.

I also made his mustard chicken recipe and substituted the cream for fromage frais. I synned the wine and the mustard. Filling my plate with extra veg instead of potatoes is a good way to help my weight loss.

I also made a sweet potato, spinach & chickpea curry. I based this loosely on a recipe from the Slimming World website except I doubled the chopped tomatoes and added a few extra veggies lurking in the cupboard. It was totally syn free and tasted great heated for lunch the next day with fat free natural yoghurt stirred through. I find I don’t even miss having rice although I could have it if I wanted to.

Lastly I made roast brisket, the mash was made with fromage frais and the gravy from bisto gravy powder. I synned the Yorkshire puddings and the gravy powder, 5.5 in total.

I hope this has given some of you who are also following the SW plan some ideas and I would love to hear yours.

My plan this week is:
Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – Chilli & prawn linguini
Wednesday – Spag Bol
Thursday – Daddy’s cooking???
Friday – Chicken & Leek pie
Saturday – Baked Salmon & kohlrabi fritters
Sunday – Risotto of some description

I am sharing my meal plan with #mealplanningmonday and Mrs M. Have a good week everyone x

Favourite celebrity chef?

I have loads of cookbooks that I get out every now and then for inspiration but I have 2 in particular that I use all the time; Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. I find his recipes easy to follow and so tasty. I also like that I can mix and match his side dishes with the main component, he has lots of ideas. I had a craving tonight for his dressed sweet potatoes so they were on the plan tonight, if you try one new dish this week, try them! I’ve also decided on another of his recipes this week.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef and why?

I’ve still been making good progress with Slimming World and have been making sure I adapt any recipes I like the look of by reducing the fat content and tweaking the ingredients here and there to make them syn free or very low in syns per portion.

This week’s meal plan is:

Monday – Balsamic salmon & dressed sweet potatoes
Tuesday – Spinach & chickpea curry
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – Mustard chicken
Friday – Cottage pie
Saturday – Can I dream of a Valentine’s meal????
Sunday – Slow cooked leg of lamb

Sushi, Spain & Strictly!!!

I have just returned from what is defo the most exciting weekend I have ever had! I am honestly still buzzing and my daughter was so excited it was great to see her wee face.

We had a lovely, entertaining Japanese meal as planned at Sapporo in Glasgow, see last week’s post for info. The food was excellent and really varied, although fairly pricey. The highlights were the Mixed Sushi platter for starters and a Duck with Raspberry sauce cooked on the Teppanyaki grill.


On Saturday night we had a lovely Tapas meal from Cafe Andaluz. We ordered a very good value Menu del Dia and a nice bottle of red to go with it. My favourite was an asparagus salad and a scallop dish. Unfortunately no photos.

The highlight was undoubtedly getting to meet ALL the Strictly celebrities and professional dancers from the Live tour. As huge fans of the show this was so exciting, they were all genuinely lovely and quite happy to pose for photos and sign autographs. Aljaz was by far my favourite and just as good looking in real life! 😳



So this week in comparison is going to be pretty run of the mill, hence the late and half hearted meal plan!
Monday – Chicken fajitas
Tuesday – Quorn chilli
Wednesday – Soup & salad
Thursday – Spinach & chick pea curry
Friday – Something from my new Slimming World mag, TBC
Saturday – Eating out
Sunday – Chicken crown

I hope everyone has a good week, check out Mrs M for meal plan ideas. x