Birthday plans

Another good week at Slimming World and weigh in again tomorrow. So fed up of being skint though, can’t wait to do a big food shop this week and stock up the cupboards! Our meal plan changed slightly last week, we ended up just having omelettes on Friday, risotto on Saturday and the turkey roast on Sunday. It was an Aldi one that comes in a tray and it was lovely, just a good size for 2 adults and 2 kids. I did the mashed potatoes with fromage frais and was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t taste any different from normal milk & butter mash!

It’s my birthday tomorrow so after weigh in I’m treating myself to a Chinese, come on I’m not the only one who does stuff like this…surely? Chicken and black bean so nothing too synful!

This weekend we have big plans. My Mum and daughter and I are going to Glasgow for the weekend to see Strictly Come Dancing Live. We are so excited and are staying in the same hotel as the cast so hoping to do some autograph hunting. We are staying 2 nights and have scoped out and booked 2 restaurants that I can’t wait to try. The first is a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in the Merchant City called Sapporo. I’ve only ever had Teppanyaki twice before, once in Epcot in 1996 and again in Amsterdam in 1998. I loved it and I am hoping my daughter will enjoy the theatre of it all. It may also be fairly good choice wise on Slimming World, (I hope!). On Saturday we are going to Cafe Andaluz as I absolutely love tapas, it is one of my favourite cuisines and this place is highly recommended. Next week I hope to be reporting all good things about them!

This week’s meal plan is therefore quite tame the rest of the week.
Monday – Pasta with garlic & tomato
Tuesday – Chinese takeaway
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Spaghetti bolognaise
Friday – Sapporo
Saturday – Cafe Andaluz
Sunday – Who knows!!!

I hope you all have a good week and look forward to reading everyone else’s plans x


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