Serious Slimming World recipe planning!

Last week’s meal plan was chopped and changed a bit because I was exploring the Slimming World website. I had a successful first week back and when I came home from my class on Tuesday night I was mega motivated. Before I started Slimming World I was really put off by the no butter/cream/olive oil etc as I do like traditional and tasty meals however I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the alternatives which haven’t compromised on taste.

I tried the lasagne from the website which substitutes a traditional bechamel white sauce with fat free natural yoghurt, eggs and nutmeg. It was really tasty. This was also syn free and I used the cheese as my Healthy extra A allowance.

I also made steak and Slimming World chips with pepper sauce which consisted of garlic, onion, mushrooms, chicken stock, Worcester sauce and fromage frais. Again syn free and very tasty.

Lastly I looked at how I could adapt my tried and tested Jamie Oliver chicken tikka masala to be as low syn as possible. I discovered that he had recipes for homemade curry paste in his Ministry of Food cookbook and I tweaked this slightly by reducing the oil content to 1tbsp of olive oil. I also replaced the tin of coconut milk with a 2nd tin of chopped tomatoes. It worked out at 1.5 syns per portion and was delicious, if not a bit spicier, nothing a dollop of fat free natural yoghurt didn’t sort out.


This week’s meal plan is carrying on with Slimming World friendly meals.

Monday – Chicken fajitas
Tuesday – Chilli com carne
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Macaroni Mince
Friday – Turkey roast joint
Saturday – Veg Curry
Sunday – Roast of some variety

I hope everyone has a good week and look forward to scoping out everyone else’s meal plans for ideas over at Meal Planing Monday x


13 thoughts on “Serious Slimming World recipe planning!

    • Thanks for commenting. Fajitas are great for an easy mid week meal. We used the Aldi fajita kit this week, it is so spicy compared to Old El Paso but lovely. The kids just piled on fromage free instead of sour cream to cool it down x

  1. I looked at that Macaroni Mince recipe – sounds so good, and easy to make too..might try that one next week! Hope all the slimming world stuff goes well and you stay motivated 😀 xx

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