Kitchen nightmare

Feeling very sorry for myself this morning. I had my first and hopefully last kitchen injury yesterday and I’m in a lot of pain. Whilst using my mum’s new vegetable mandoline I have managed to slice the tip of my finger off.

Therefore this weeks meal plan will be somewhat limited to easy to make recipes that the kids or my husband can help with.

Monday – Pasta, Philly and cherry tomatoes
Tuesday – Omelette
Wednesday – Leek & potato soup
Thursday – Spaghetti bolognaise
Friday – Chicken curry
Saturday – dinner @ mums
Sunday – Roast Sirloin of beef (still in freezer from this week after yesterday’s plans went belly up)

I hope everyone has a good week and enjoy’s checking out the meal plans at Mrs M.


25 thoughts on “Kitchen nightmare

  1. Oh I am so sorry and I hope it heals quickly for you. I did the same thing a couple of years ago and I know how painful it is. I threw the mandolin in the garbage (it was brand new) and I can’t even watch when anyone on TV uses one now. I hope you have lots of help in the kitchen this week!

  2. That sucks! Hope it heals quickly. Looking on the bright side, at least everyone has to get stuck in to help out.. Still looks a great choice of meals, ooh omelette! Yes please 🙂 xx

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