Freezer clear out!

Last week there was no meal plan, I was using up anything and everything in the freezer and cupboard. This was for 2 reasons, one it was the week before pay day and two I was trying to make room for the big Christmas stock up. For that reason there was a lot of eating up leftovers from the freezer. I made a pot of soup, a pasta bake and a vegetable curry and literally chucked in whatever was needing used up. The veg curry was loosely based on the one I made a couple of weeks ago but I used red lentils instead of chickpeas and the veg was different. I think it was butternut, mushrooms, peas and tomatoes.

The week before I made chicken pie at the kids request, it’s always clean plates all round. I like to trim the pastry from the dish and cut shapes for the kids, it encourages them to help and eat it all up with no fuss.

This week’s meal plan is:
Monday – Spag Bol
Tuesday – leftover bolognaise
Wednesday – Omelettes
Thursday – Pasta twists with creamy tomato sauce
Friday – Lemon sole & chips
Saturday – Eating out/takeaway
Sunday – Steak pie

I’ll be linking up with Meal Planning Monday over at Mrs M.