Kids in the kitchen

Last week was our October school holiday so we had a mix of lazy days in the house and being out and about. A few weeks ago I noticed our local council was running a week long kids cooking course during the holiday at a cost of £50. I was interested in this but didn’t want to commit to the early starts for the full 5 days. Instead I decided to have our own cooking theme with the kids. They picked 5 menu items that we would cook together throughout the week. They loved it and were so enthusiastic.


We used a lentil soup recipe which I found here, it was just what we needed on a blustery day!

We also loved our day out at The Enchanted Forest and at a Lego Brick City exhibition yesterday.

The foodie treat of the week was a champagne afternoon tea at Gleneagles, with just the girls. We were treated like royalty and my wee Gran loved it, as you can see, she’s not looking bad for 90!


This week’s menu is:

Monday – Pasta Neopolitan
Tuesday – Chorizo & pepper risotto
Wednesday – Leek & potato soup
Thursday – Chinese beef stirfry
Friday – Pizza & party food
Saturday – Lasagne
Sunday – Turkey joint

I hope you all have a good week. Check out other’s meal plans at Mrs M’s Meal Planning Mondays x


I’d lost my mojo…

Forgive me, it has been several weeks since my last post. I have been seriously out of the habit of meal planning mainly due to being so busy. This isn’t great for the waistline or the pocket.
Meals have been something with chips from the works canteen or quick “meals” in the evening like carbs, carbs and more carbs.

So this week coming up I am making a conscious effort to get back to it, clear my freezer and store cupboard and have a minimal supermarket spend, Aldi is my friend. In addition it is our school holiday week and I’m off work with the kids which I am so looking forward to.

My kids have asked if we can do some cooking together, they are calling it kids in the kitchen and have suggested 5 things they want to make so I have incorporated these into the plan.

We have a day out planned on Wednesday to The Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry which I have heard so much about, we are going to have a bar lunch before it. On Thursday we are being über posh and me, my mum and my daughter are taking my gran to Gleneagles for afternoon tea as a belated birthday present. Exciting!

So here’s the next week and a bits plan to take us up to the long awaited payday where I will be doing a major freezer and cupboard restock.

Today – Spatchcock chicken, bargain!

Monday – Spaghetti Bol
Tuesday – Lentil soup & bread & banana muffins
Wednesday – eating out, to be decided
Thursday – Afternoon tea @ Gleneagles
Friday – Chicken curry
Saturday – Sausages of some sort
Sunday – Sirloin steaks & fish fingers
Monday – pasta Neapolitan

I hope you all have a good week, I’ll be linking up with Mrs M x