Cooking up a storm

Well last week’s meal plan didn’t really materialise, due to working overtime at the weekend and various other changes of plans I didn’t make Friday, Saturday or Sundays meals. Lucky all the meat was in the freezer so nothing got wasted. We stayed at my mums on Friday night and she had bought pork tenderloin on offer in Sainsburys. I can never seem to find it in our smaller, local store. We had this recipe it was delish. Wish I’d taken a photo.

I got 1k of scottish steak mince on offer in Aldi at the weekend so I made a huge batch of bolognaise in the slow cooker yesterday. It fed me and the 2 kids last night, 2 portions in the freezer and I used the rest to make a 6 portion lasagne tonight. I often batch cook at the weekend to stock the freezer and save time on busy week nights. What do you guys batch cook? The kids and I also made a batch of cupcakes which I’m sure will not be long in getting hoovered up!

Here is this weeks meal plan:
Monday – Lasagne
Tuesday – pulled pork
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – eating out @ Edinburgh Festival with the kids
Friday – chicken curry
Saturday – eating out for our anniversary
Sunday – Veg stirfry

We really wanted to go for to Champany for a steak dinner on Saturday for our anniversary which is where we had our wedding meal but I’ve just called and it’s fully booked 😦
Going to have a google and see where else we can go.

Linking up with Mrs M Meal Planning Mondays. Have a good week x


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