Where has the sun gone???

BBQ’s and salads, pffft!! More like soups and stews! What has happened to all the fab weather we have been having? The last week has seen some heavy rain and the forecast looks like more to come, oh well, better plan ahead. We had a steak pie dinner tonight with broccoli and cauliflower cheese sauce with the veggies fresh from the garden, cannae beat it when it’s wet and wild outside.

Last week’s pork mince curry provided plenty of leftovers, here’s the recipe:

500g pork mince
1 diced onion
4 diced new potatoes
2 pints ham/pork stock
225g long grain rice
1 tbsp curry paste
1 pack button mushrooms
Large handful frozen peas

Dry fry the mince and onion until coloured and soft, add stock and season, add finely diced potatoes, curry paste and rice, stir well and simmer for 20 mins. With 5 mins to go add mushrooms and peas. Serve with poppadoms for scooping it all up!

This week I am taking inspiration from our holiday and making Tumbet to go with our steaks on Saturday night. I’m using a recipe from this book that I bought, I’ll let you know how it went next week.

This weeks meal plan is:
Monday – chicken goujons and chips
Tuesday – Dominos 2 for Tuesday
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – macaroni mince
Friday – Salmon fillets, veg & potatoes
Saturday – Ribeye steaks and tumbet
Sunday – chilli & prawn linguini

I’ll see you all over at Mrs M’s meal planning Monday, have a good week x


3 thoughts on “Where has the sun gone???

  1. The weather has been quite rubbish hasn’t it….Today seems better though! Great meal plan! Everything sounds very tasty!

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