Back to reality

We had a lovely start to the week with an Easter egg hunt organised by the National Trust for Scotland at House of the Binns, it was a lovely setting and the kids had fun. We picked my parents and Gran up from the airport and although my Gran’s not been keeping well since she got back, she is on the mend and it’s good to have them home.

This is the tower at House of the Binns aka Rapunzels tower to the kids.

Tuesday was when reality kicked in, back to work, school and nursery, hey ho. I’ve spent the week catching up on emails and getting back up to speed.

Had a relatively quiet weekend as pay day is not until Monday which seems so far away!

Last week’s meal plan was a bit jumbled around but we had everything that was planned, just in a different order.

This weeks plan is:

Monday – Fish fingers & chips
Tuesday – Chilli
Wednesday – Veg box soup
Thursday – Sausage casserole
Friday – Yellow chicken curry
Saturday – Spaghetti carbonara
Sunday – Steak pie

The sausage casserole I do in the slow cooker, I grill the sausages first, chuck in a trivet of chopped onion, carrot, celery and leek. I then add a sliced apple and a carton passata along with a tbsp of sweetener and seasoning and about 1/2 a pint of stock and leave it on all day on low. I’ll add a picture next week.

The yellow chicken curry is another made up, chuck it together recipe and is quite low in fat. I dice onion, apple, ginger and yellow pepper and soften gently in fry light. I then add 1 tbsp of flour and 1 tbsp of curry powder and stir into a kind of paste. To the pan I add 1.5 pints of chicken stock along with my diced chicken and a tbsp of curry paste and 1 tbsp of dessicated coconut. I simmer for about 30 mins and I normally serve it with fat free natural yogurt to cool it down a bit for the kids along with basmati rice.

I will be linking in with Mrs M for meal planning Monday. Have a good week!


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