Fun can be free

I picked the right week to be off work. The weather has been glorious and I have really enjoyed spending time with the kids.

Nothing we have done this week has cost money apart from the odd ice cream or two from Kelly’s sweet shop, our local sweet tooth heaven.

The highlights were a walk to The Kelpies, an impromptu BBQ with friends and an Easter egg hunt this morning.

My meal plan went pretty much to plan apart from the BBQ. I’ve loved having time to make good, tasty food too. The pizza scrolls were an experiment which I would need to refine before trying again, I found them too doughy. Our roast lamb today was delish. Next week’s meal plan is:

Monday – Spaghetti bolognaise
Tuesday – Baked potatoes
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Chilli & prawn linguini
Friday – Chicken fajitas
Saturday – Stirfry of some sort
Sunday – Eating out


I’ll be linking up with Mrs M at Meal Planning Monday’s.


9 thoughts on “Fun can be free

    • Thanks Kirsty, it’s a really simple, quick meal when I’ve been working and everyone loves it. I cheat and use the frozen chilli squares from Sainsburys which makes it even quicker!

  1. I agree with Kirsty – the chilli and prawn linguine does sound delicious. And The Kelpies are going to have to go on my to do list, shame they’re so far away from me, but that just means I’ll have to book a holiday to go up and see them!

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